This is an invitation to join a movement of people who are peeling back some layers, dropping the masks of perfection, and reclaiming the hidden parts of themselves. This is a coming out, of sorts.  It’s an opportunity to express more of your experience and liberate any part of you that’s been boxed up and marginalized.

SoulSelfies are video snapshots, created to:

  • Express your truth.
  • Allow your real, messy, multidimensional nature to be seen.
  • Liberate yourself from shame, fear, and perfectionism.
  • Celebrate and embrace your authenticity and wholeness.
  • Make space in our culture for the complexity and full range of our humanity.

If the thought of making SoulSelfies makes you wanna puke in your mouth, don’t let your fear stop you! This is not some competition over who has the biggest reveal or wildest dream.  This is about harnessing your fiery courage, pushing against the pull of the status quo, and risking the judgment of so-called haters in order to set yourself free.

To create your SoulSelfies:

You can schedule to have your soul portrait taken by contacting: soul@soulselfies.com (You’ll receive technical help and help clarifying what you wish to share.  The video will then be edited and only shared with your written consent).  

Or you may begin creating them on your own, by following these basic steps:

1. RECORD a short video snapshot – aiming for a minute is a challenge  to encourage you to get to the heart of your expression – you have some time latitude and my gratitude. You can start by finishing the prompt: “If you really knew me, you’d know…”  you can select another prompt from the PARTICIPATE page or create something new altogether.

2. UPLOAD your video to Youtube (Create a YOUTUBE ACCOUNT if you don’t have one).

3. TITLE your video using the following format: SoulSelfies: name, location. Ex: SoulSelfies: Kris, San Francisco, CA

4. TAG your video – #SoulSelfies

5. SEND the Youtube URL link to: soul@soulselfies.com  or post it directly to the SoulSelfies Facebook Page.

It’s time for all the lovers of the world to band together and drop the defenses and pretenses that are protecting us out of aliveness and connection.  It’s time to lean in to love, to take a leap of faith, and to trust in ourselves and in our inherent goodness.

Remember, you are a unique expression of the universe! You are a force of nature! So share what you would if you weren’t afraid; share your wild, tender, bold, dreams, fears, hopes, and emotions. Shed some light on your darkness, wave your freak flag, show your beautifully-human-ugly and share yourself wildly!