• SoulSelfies: Nicole, Denver, CO

    SoulSelfies: Nicole, Denver, CO

    Have you been pretending to others that you know what you are doing? Nicole shares her fears as she embraces the unknown and her own way of doing things.

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  • Soulselfies: Dana, Santa Cruz, CA

    Soulselfies: Dana, Santa Cruz, CA

    Why live within your labels when you are so much more?!? Dana shares how she hindered herself by living strictly within the confines of the labels she had chosen. http://youtu.be/c7sxHi4bu9g

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  • Soulselfies: Tone, Oakland, CA

    Soulselfies: Tone, Oakland, CA

    Do you ever feel limited by social constructs & perceptions? Tone shares from the heartmind on breaking free from social constructs to  fulfill an undefinable, true essence.

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  • SoulSelfies: Kelly, SF

    SoulSelfies: Kelly, SF

    Kelly reveals and owns her truth and vulnerability that may be different from the image she projects to men.

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  • SoulSelfies: Benny, Minneapolis

    SoulSelfies: Benny, Minneapolis

    Do you apologize for your very existence? Benny shares his journey out of constant judgement, into gratitude and appreciation.

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  • SoulSelfies: Utah, Chicago

    SoulSelfies: Utah, Chicago

    Are you afraid you don’t have what it takes to let love in? Utah shares on the fear of attachment and letting in love after the loss of a loved one.  

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  • SoulSelfies: Ivy, Santa Rosa

    SoulSelfies: Ivy, Santa Rosa

    How often do you worry about looking good in order to be liked? Ivy shares how confronted she is by her inner critic while making her SoulSelfies.

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